1.8 billion TL net profit from Halkbank in the first half of the year

Halkbank made a profit of 1.8 billion TL in the first half of the year.

15.08.2020 11:02:000

According to the Halkbank statement, the bank, which increased its asset size by TL 138.7 billion in the first half of the year and increased 30.3 percent compared to the end of last year, rose to the second place in the banking sector with an asset size of 595.7 billion TL. Halkbank, which carried its total loans to 522 billion TL at the end of the second quarter, announced a record market share in SME Banking with 22.3 percent. Halkbank, whose total deposits reached 400 billion TL, made a profit of 1.8 billion TL in the first half of the year, demonstrating a strong performance in all areas.

Bank, as total loans and total deposits in the ranking was the second largest bank based on assets in Turkey. The bank, which increased 30.8 percent in total loans in the first half of the year, reached 34.3 percent in deposits. With its support to the real sector, Halkbank reached a record level, and its market share in SME Banking reached 22.3 percent at the end of the second quarter.

During the pandemic period, Halkbank stood by companies and citizens with many new products such as KGF-backed Continuing Loan Support – Life Water Operation, Continuing Work – Small Business Life Water Loan, Check Payment Support Loan, Salary Payment Support Loan and Consumer Basic Needs Support Loan. Halkbank, which gained 1.5 million new customers during the pandemic, added many more SME-scale companies to its portfolio as customers.

The statement given to the views Halkbank General Director Osman Arslan, who manages successfully to combat the pandemic in the second quarter of Turkey, said that regained growth momentum with normalization steps.

Arslan said, “We became one of the countries that survived the epidemic with the least economic damage. In this period, where all our citizens have great responsibility, we responded quickly to all the needs of our customers. Within the scope of the Economic Stability Shield, the support we provide to 3 million people and institutions, together with the loan delays, is worth 120 billion TL. exceeded. we are pleased to frustrate Turkey’s trust in us. If we also have our people, because we are 82 years ‘People first, Then we Bangor.’ ” used the expressions.

Stating that the share of SME Loans in Halkbank’s cash loans, excluding retail loans, is 54 percent, Arslan said, “We find the success and stability of SMEs very important for the encouragement of entrepreneurship, the development of innovation and the continuity of social balance. We lead the banking sector by supporting the real sector with strategic goals. Our support for exports and employment to support high value-added production has once again demonstrated that we are strong institutions of a strong economy. ” found the assessment.

“We not only provided financial support to tradesmen, but also morale and assurance”

Arslan stated that Halkbank will continue its financial support to tradesmen and artisans, and that it will continue to work to relieve small businesses financially in order to maintain the normal flow of commercial life.

Noting that they provide not only financial support to tradesmen but also morale and assurance, Arslan used the following statements:

“Our tradesmen and craftsmen benefited from 22 percent of the loans we provided under the Economic Stability Shield. During this period, when we extended cash business loans of 17.8 billion TL to 720 thousand tradesmen within the scope of the Tradesmen Support Package, more than 540 thousand tradesmen received a limit of 10.2 billion TL in Paraf Tradesmen Card. In addition, with the President’s Decree, we postponed the debt payments arising from the loans our tradesmen and craftsmen used for three months. In the normalization process of the economic activity, we will continue our financial support to small enterprises with the aim of covering all the stakeholders of the economy. “

Arslan emphasized that they do not slow down in supporting their individual customers.

The experience gained during the pandemic more with normalization steps Arslan said that they move forward, “Turkey’s history the lowest mortgage We have used 55 thousand of our customers 12.9 billion loan with advantageous Housing Loans we offer interest rates. Giving together hand in hand, the history of home sales highest in June We meet the financing needs of our commercial and individual customers who want to buy vehicles with our Special Vehicle Loan for Domestic Production and Second Hand Vehicle Loan campaigns.In addition, thanks to the Social Life Support Loan and Holiday Support Packages we have put into use, the vitality in the market We believe that it will continue to increase in the second half. ” found the assessment.

Stating that they have set new targets for themselves in digital banking and Paraf Card, Arslan said:

“The superior service we offer in the field of alternative distribution channels and digital banking has given us a great advantage during the pandemic process, and more than 1 million customers have used their loans through these channels. We make new investments to meet the demands and expectations of our increasingly younger customer profile. In this period, when we closely observe consumer behavior, We have also initiated studies to develop Paraf Card. With Paraf Dual, we have provided our customers with an important ease of use by making the debit card and credit card a single card. We want to make Paraf Card the most active card in commercial life by increasing the use of both individual customers and businesses. “

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