20.6 million TL fine from BRSA to Albaraka Türk

Albaraka Türk was fined 20.6 million TL for being below the active ratio determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Board.

29.07.2020 16:12:000

Albaraka TurkIn the statement of the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), it was stated that an administrative fine of 20 million 638 thousand 20 TL was imposed on the bank due to the fact that the asset ratio remained below the rate determined in the Banking Regulation and Supervision Board’s decision dated April 18, 2020 and numbered 9000. .

In the statement that the administrative fine will be paid by benefiting from a 25 percent advance payment discount in accordance with the relevant legislation, without prejudice to legal rights, the said fine will be paid by Albaraka Türk’s 2020/2. It was recorded that it will be reflected in the financial statements of the period.

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