40.3 million lira profit from Alternatif Bank in the first quarter

Alternatif Bank made a net profit of 40.3 million lira in the first quarter of the year.

22.05.2020 14:24:000

According to the statement made by Alternatif Bank, the consolidated asset size of the bank in the first quarter of the year increased by 8 percent compared to the end of 2019 and reached 32.6 billion liras.

In the first three months of the year, the bank’s support to the economy with cash (including financial leasing receivables) and non-cash loans reached 28.2 billion lira, while the deposit volume was 16.2 billion lira. Maintaining its strong capital structure in this period as well, Alternatif Bank’s capital adequacy ratio exceeded 18 percent and was above the sector average. The consolidated net profit of the bank was 40.3 million lira. In this period, Alternatif Bank, which increased its capital by 307.7 million TL, continued to offer its resources to the real economy.

Alternative Bank General Manager Kaan Gür, whose views were included in the statement, stated that due to the epidemic, the whole world went through a process that they had never seen before.

Underlining that their top priority during this period was to protect the health of employees and the society and to provide uninterrupted banking services, Gür said:

“With the precautions we took, we started to implement the remote working model at a rate of 96 percent in our headquarters and close to 60 percent in our branches in a short time. We ensured that our customers over 65 and disabled, who are in the priority risk group, receive service by connecting directly to the customer representative when they call our Customer Communication Center. Digital transformation. As a result of our investments, we offered our renewed internet and mobile banking channels to the service of our customers. With our products and services such as cash management, Supplier Financing System, e-signature, e-guarantee letter, we gave importance to reach the financing needed by our customers and to facilitate their business processes.

“Our equity increased by 17 percent”

Kaan Gür stated that as a bank, they focus all their efforts on standing by customers and employees in such difficult times.

Emphasizing that they continue to support the economy by rapidly responding to customers’ access to financing and their demands such as credit and restructuring, Gür stated that the increase in loans and assets of approximately 8 percent compared to the end of last year is a proof of the importance they give to this issue.

Gür made the following evaluations:

“During this period, equity Our the year showed an increase of 17 percent compared to last. The last capital increase we realized although we are in the epidemic period, shareholder Commercial Bank, we increase our resources as a concrete indicator of confidence in the Alternative Bank and Turkey’s economy offered an important contribution. The next During the period, we will increase our effort, sensitivity and support to our customers, we will continue to walk with them as companions. We will continue to offer added value to our country, our region and all our stakeholders with our prudent and advisory banking understanding, strong capital structure, expert employees, strong and competent board of directors “.

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