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The total deposits of the banking sector decreased by 21.8 billion liras last week to 3 trillion 99.3 billion liras.

22.05.2020 16:40:000

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) have been published by the Weekly Money and Banking Statistics.

Accordingly, total deposits in the banking sector (including interbank) decreased by 21 billion 753 million 588 thousand liras in the week ending May 15, from 3 trillion 121 billion 24 million 5 thousand lira to 3 trillion 99 billion 270 million 417 thousand liras.

During this period, TL deposits in banks increased by 1.72 percent to 1 trillion 476 billion 345 million 555 thousand TL, foreign currency (FX) deposits decreased by 3.03 percent to 1 trillion 503 billion 661 million 685 thousand TL.

Total FX deposits in banks increased by $ 1 billion 596 million last week to $ 224 billion 990 million.

While the amount of FX deposits of the residents was 195 billion 727 million dollars, 118 billion 305 million dollars of this amount were domestic real persons and 77 billion 422 million dollars were deposits of legal persons residing in the country.

Installment commercial loans increased

In the one week period, consumer loans in deposit banks increased by 0.51 percent and reached 511 billion 906 million 297 thousand liras. Installment commercial loans increased by 1.45 percent and reached 499 billion 916 million 303 thousand liras. In the same period, the credit card balance decreased by 0.38 percent to 138 billion 42 million 364 thousand liras.

194 billion 911 million 509 thousand TL of consumer loans in deposit banks consisted of housing, 4 billion 807 million 682 thousand TL vehicle and 312 billion 187 million 106 thousand TL other loans.

The total loan volume of the banking sector, including the CBRT, decreased by 11 billion 304 million 488 thousand liras in the week ending May 15, to 3 trillion 36 billion 158 million 911 thousand liras.

Total loan volume increased by 22.43 percent compared to the same period last year.

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