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Halkbank decided to increase its capital to 7 billion TL in total sales revenue through cash capital increase.

12.05.2020 09:33:000

Halkbank decided to increase its capital to 7 billion TL in total sales revenue through cash capital increase.

According to the statement of Halkbank on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the bank’s board of directors decided to increase the capital of the bank at the meeting held today.

The statement recorded:

“Provided that our bank is below the registered capital ceiling, the total sales revenue of the issued capital of TL 1.25 billion, each consisting of shares with a nominal value of 0.01 TL, by completely restricting the pre-emptive rights of all existing partners through the ‘private placements’ method, by cash capital increase. It was decided to increase the amount of TL 7 billion by the total nominal capital amount to be calculated according to the share selling price to be determined within the framework of Borsa İstanbul AŞ’s Procedure for Wholesale Purchases. “

The following expressions regarding the capital increase were used in the statement:

“Increased capital amounting to supply the ring of all the shares will be represented without Being dedicated sales method with bank shareholders of Turkey Assets Fund (TVF) Borsa Istanbul, Inc. market share in the wholesale buying and selling of the sale by the way, this will be issued due to the capital increase, the total sales revenue amounting to 7 The shares of the fund equivalent to the nominal capital value of the fund equivalent to TL billion are non-privileged and tradable on the stock exchange, and the sales price of the shares with a nominal value of 0.01-TL (one kurus) each to be issued due to this capital increase shall not be lower than the nominal value. It was decided that Istanbul AŞ shall be determined within the framework of the Procedure Regarding Wholesale Purchases and Sales and the amount of issued capital to be increased accordingly. “

Bank general directorate was authorized

In the statement, it was stated that, following the approval of the certificate of issuance by the Capital Markets Board, it was decided to sign a contract with Halk Yatırım Menkul Değerler AŞ to sell the shares to be issued within the periods specified in the relevant legislation.

In order to realize the capital increase transactions, obtain the necessary permissions, make the necessary applications and notifications to all kinds of authorities and institutions in order to complete the transactions and complete the application procedures, and regarding the determination of the final sales transaction price to be realized within the framework of Borsa Istanbul AŞ’s Procedure for Wholesale Purchase Transactions, the bank It was reported that the general directorate was authorized.

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