Statement from the Banks Association of the critical meeting

The statement made by the Banks Association of Turkey, Central Bank President Uysal, Chairman of the BRSA and BAT Chairman Akbar reportedly met yesterday for a meeting with the general directors of some banks Aydin.

7.08.2020 10:43:000

Banks Association of Turkey (TBB), yesterday Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) President Murat Uysal, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) Chairman Mehmet Ali Akbar and reported that BAT Chairman Huseyin Aydin with some banks met for the meeting of the general manager.

In the statement of TBB, it was stated that the participants gave a message of cooperation at the meeting, which was held for the purpose of sustaining the growth in a stable manner and for the banking sector to continue to contribute to the financing of economic activity in a healthy manner.

In the meeting, it was noted that the developments in the markets and the decisions taken by the relevant institutions regarding the normalization period were evaluated with a strong coordination, close communication and positive contribution approach, and said, “Following the section where the bank’s general managers expressed their views and opinions, CBRT President Uysal BRSA Chairman Mr. Akben made evaluations regarding the effects of the regulations put into effect during the epidemic period and the policies considered regarding the normalization period. ” statements were included.

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