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The deposits of the banking sector were 3 trillion 102.1 billion TL and the loan volume was 3 trillion 97.4 billion TL.

18.06.2020 16:17:000

The total deposits of the banking sector increased by 46.8 billion lira last week to 3 trillion 102.1 billion lira.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) have been published by the Weekly Money and Banking Statistics.

Accordingly, total deposits in the banking sector (including interbank) increased by 46 billion 888 million 533 thousand lira in the week ending June 12, from 3 trillion 55 billion 246 million 963 thousand lira to 3 trillion 102 billion 135 million 496 thousand lira.

In this period, TL deposits in banks increased by 3.28 percent to 1 trillion 480 billion 430 million 680 thousand TL, while foreign currency (FX) deposits increased by 0.61 percent to 1 trillion 514 billion 648 million 774 thousand TL.

Total FX deposits in banks decreased by $ 1 million last week to $ 231 billion 403 million.

While the amount of FX deposits of residents was 202 billion 907 million dollars, 121 billion 614 million dollars of which were domestic real persons and 81 billion 293 million dollars were deposits of resident legal entities.

Installment commercial loans increased

In the one week period, consumer loans in deposit banks increased by 1.78 percent to 530 billion 841 million 449 thousand liras. Installment commercial loans increased by 0.58 percent and reached 513 billion 335 million 324 thousand liras. In the same period, the credit card balance increased by 2.79 percent to 146 billion 879 million 235 thousand liras.

198 billion 963 million 395 thousand TL of consumer loans in deposit banks consisted of housing, 5 billion 127 million 524 thousand TL vehicle and 326 billion 750 million 530 thousand TL other loans.

The total loan volume of the banking sector, including the CBRT, increased by 30 billion 132 million 508 thousand liras in the week ending June 12, reaching 3 trillion 97 billion 401 million 922 thousand liras.

Total loan volume increased by 26.48 percent compared to the same period last year.

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