‘We give 66 percent of agricultural loans’

Ziraat Bank Marketing Group Head Ferhat Pişmaf explains that the bank alone provides 66 percent of its agricultural loans.

10.07.2020 10:25:000

Since its establishment, Ziraat Bank has been working with the mission of supporting the agricultural sector and meeting its financing needs. The bank’s figures in the development of the sector also clearly demonstrate this goal. Ziraat Bank’s Head of Marketing Group Ferhat Pişmaf said, “In the 2015-2019 period, agricultural loans increased by 73 percent, and when our bank is excluded, the loan growth rate drops to 57 percent. “Our bank’s loan increase in this 5-year period has been around 90 percent”.

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Providing service to the agricultural sector in more than 1,700 branches, Ziraat Bank alone provides 66 percent of the total agricultural loans in the sector. The bank achieved 9.5 percent growth in agricultural loans in 2018-2019 and the first quarter of 2020. Pişmaf predicts that Ziraat Bank’s agricultural loans will reach 80 billion TL by the end of the year.

We discussed the development of agricultural banking and the future plans of the leading banks in this field with Ferhat Pişmaf, the Marketing Group President of Ziraat Bank:

– What makes your bank different in agricultural banking? How do you make a difference?

Since its foundation, Ziraat Bank’s main mission has been to support the agricultural sector and to meet its financing needs. Agricultural banking is not a field that can only be measured by credit size. Although Ziraat Bank is by far the leader in the sector with its loan size, what is essential for us is the size of the added value we create for our producers and the country’s agriculture. For this reason, as Ziraat Bank, it continuously supports our producers. We show that we are with them not only in good days but also in difficult days. We are with the producers in the remotest parts of the country. Our bank not only lends, but also provides financial literacy and investment consultancy.

In summary, agricultural banking and its sector is not a matter of credit marketing and profit for Ziraat Bank, but a strategic and national issue for the future of our country. As the Bank, we make a difference with our extensive experience in product diversity, knowledge, financing and risk management, our extensive branch network that producers can reach at every point, and the financing we provide to producers at the right amount and at the most favorable interest rates.

– What is the growth trend in the sector and your bank in the last 5 years in agricultural loans?

According to the fintürk data published by the BRSA for the period 2015-2019, agricultural loans increased by 73 percent in the entire banking sector. When Ziraat Bank is excluded, the loan growth rate drops to 57 percent. Our bank’s loan increase in this period was around 90 percent.

According to Fintürk data, the total growth of the banking sector in agricultural loans in the period of 2018-2019 is 5.6 percent. When Ziraat Bank is excluded, the growth rate drops to 3.6 percent. In the same period, our bank’s growth in agricultural loans was 9.5 percent. There is a similar situation in terms of loan growth in the first quarter of this year.

– How much will your agricultural loans reach by the end of this year?

As can be seen from these data, as Ziraat Bank, we have achieved a growth well above the sector average in the last five years. We think that it is not correct to make an assessment about the total amount of agricultural loans without knowing the market expectations and strategies of other banks and their appetite for lending. However, we expect Ziraat Bank’s agricultural loans to reach 80 billion TL by the end of the year.

– How much share do you have in agricultural loans in the sector? What are your goals here?

According to the fintürk data published by the BRSA, our bank’s share in agricultural loans is around 66 percent. As of this year, we aim to increase our sector share much higher.

Almost everyone involved in agriculture in our country is customers who benefit from Ziraat Bank’s credit and / or other banking services. In this context, we can say that the number of our bank’s customers in agricultural banking is over 2.7 million. In the last five years, we have increased the number of our loan customers by approximately 137 thousand people. On the other hand, the number of our customers with total credit has exceeded 686 thousand, and we are aiming for this number to exceed 700 thousand by the end of this year.

This year, greenhouse cultivation, ovine breeding, agricultural technologies, contracted production, processing of agricultural products, loans and practices aiming to shorten the process between producer and consumer will be on our agenda.

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